When businesses need to protect employees against ballistic threats, they turn to bullet-resistant fiberglass panels. Also referred to as opaque armor, these panels are made of reinforced structural polyester laminate and designed to withstand extreme impact. Businesses like financial institutions, courtrooms, police stations, prisons, convenience stores, check-cashing businesses, and more use bullet-resistant panels to safeguard against intrusion or ballistic attacks. These rigid, lightweight woven panels delaminate or separate when a bullet strikes. The flattened, distorted projectile remains caught between the woven layers. 

Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel Types & Capabilities

Bullet Resistant Wall & Cabinet Armor

Our fiberglass ballistic panels for walls and cabinets safeguard against blasts, bullets, and forced entry. The bulletproof fiberglass is multi-ply, high-strength, and ricochet proof. We subject all our fiberglass ballistic products to the most stringent UL-752 and ASTM E 119 testing standards. Our woven fiberglass and resin composites also resist delamination. Specifications include:

  • Nominal thickness range of between 1/4 in. and 1 7/16 in.
  • Nominal weight range of from 2.6 to 15 lbs. per sq. ft. 
  • UL-752 and ASTM E 119 compliance
  • Impact velocity ranging between 1175 and 3080 ft. per second
  • Weapons and bullet descriptions vary by item:

o BGAA-02 – .357 MAG 158 gr. JSP 9mm 124 gr. FMJ

o BGAA-03 – 0.44 MAG 240 gr. Lead 9mm 124 gr. FMJ

o BGAA-04 – .30 Cal 180 gr. LSP

o BGAA-05 – 7.62mm 150 gr. FMJ mil ball

o BGAA-06 – 9mm 124 gr. Lead FMJ

o BGAA-07 – 5.56mm 55 gr. FMJ Lead

o BGAA-08 – 7.62mm 150 gr. FMJ mil ball

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Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel Applications

Each industry has different applications where bullet resistant fiberglass panels are needed, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial: These ballistic fiberglass panels protect against robbery and forced entry, as well as provide storm and blast resistance. Riot-proof panels safeguard retail businesses during protests.
  • Financial: Intrusion resistant panels can deter thieves looking for large amounts of cash when other means fail. They also protect employees from the risk of injury.
  • GBullet Resistant Fiberglass Panelsovernment: Impact-resistant fiberglass panels protect dignitaries, employees, and visitors to high-security areas like government offices, embassies, Federal Reserve buildings, and more from bullets, blasts, and projectiles.
  • Grid Security: Our panels protect contractors and consultants in the utility transmission and distribution industry from attacks that seek to interrupt critical utilities and infrastructure. 
  • Healthcare: The presence of drugs can prompt armed attacks on doctors or staff that can be deterred with impact-resistant fiberglass panels.
  • Law enforcement: Bulletproof protection can safeguard law enforcement from ballistic or intrusion attacks.
  • Military: Protection for our military personnel from bullets and blast fragments is vital to domestic or overseas operations.
  • Bullet Resistant Fiberglass PanelsResidential: Impact resistant panels can protect residences against intruders or damage from storms or tornadoes.
  • Safe rooms: Panic and safe rooms are made secure against bullets, blasts, cutting tools, and blunt force entry with bulletproof fiberglass panels.
  • Schools: Children, teachers, and administrators are made safer against forced entry and ballistic attackers with intrusion delay and bullet-resistant panels. 

These customizable ballistic fiberglass panels fit into walls, furniture, counters, and doors. Our consultants can work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection and location for your panels based on your industry, application, and whether you need temporary, removable panels or permanent security. 

Bulletproof Fiberglass Panels from Bullet Guard 

At Bullet Guard, we design our bulletproof fiberglass panels to provide the highest quality, most dependable protection available. We invite you to view our product catalog for more information on our individual bulletproof fiberglass panel products. For questions, please contact us today or request a quote to get started.

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