Doors and glasses are often described as being “bulletproof.” However, the term is actually a misnomer. The material that is depicted as bulletproof is in reality bullet resistant. No material can be considered absolutely safe against bullets, since repeated attacks will eventually break them down.

The material used for these bullet resistant doors is not glass, but acrylic or polycarbonate plastic that looks like glass.

Bullet resistant doors are essential for maintaining physical security and improving the safety of the building. You can find them in government buildings, banks, and police stations. At Bullet Guard, we’re experts in bullet-resistant doors, including both custom and ready-to-ship catalog styles, in a variety of sizes and protection levels.

Levels of Ballistic Protection in Bulletproof & Bullet-Resistant Doors

Bullet resistant materials come with a UL rating that specifies the level of protection offered. This rating is given on a standardized scale of 1-10 and is verified as per UL-752. At Bullet Guard, we offer hollow metal bullet resistant doors and frames from levels 1 to 8 as per UL-752.

  • Level 1: Provides protection against up to 3 shots from 9mm (124g) FMJ caliber gun.
  • Level 2: Provides protection against up to 3 shots from .357 Magnum (158g) SP caliber gun.
  • Level 3: Provides protection against up to 3 shots from .44 Magnum (244g) SP caliber gun.
  • Level 4: Provides protection against 1 shot from 30 Caliber Rifle (180g) SP caliber gun.
  • Level 5: Provides protection against 1 shot from 7.62mm Rifle (150g) FMJ caliber gun.
  • Level 6: Provides protection against up to 5 shots from 9mm Multi (124g) FMJ caliber gun.
  • Level 7: Provides protection against up to 5 shots from 5.56mm Rifle (55g) caliber gun.
  • Level 8: Provides protection against up to 8 shots from 7.62 Multi Rifle (150g) FMJ caliber gun.
  • Level 8(AP): Provides protection against up to 8 shots from 30-06 Rifle (166g) AP caliber gun.

The various levels are meant to provide protection against various types of firearms, ranging from small guns to high-powered rifles. Bullet resistant doors are available in various finishes and can be either flush or have full glass-vision lights. These doors come in pairs and are STC-rated, fire-resistant, and offer blast protection.

Additionally, these doors can have various cores like honeycomb, stiffened steel, or polystyrene.

Applications for Bulletproof & Bullet Resistant Doors

Banks and Financial Buildings

Bulletproof doors and windows are paramount for financial institutions such as banks. They secure the buildings and provide an extra line of defense against activities like thefts and attacks on the employees.

Government Buildings

Bullet resistant doors protect government buildings against threats of invasion. Moreover, these buildings often house sensitive documents and information that cannot be leaked publicly. Having ballistic protection provides an excellent measure of security to these places.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Schools can often become vulnerable to rogue attackers. Bulletproof doors ensure the safety of students as well as the teachers and staff members of the schools.

Bulletproof Doors

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Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Most convenience stores and gas stations are fitted with bulletproof or bullet resistant doors to offer protection to the customers while they are shopping. In addition, the doors also protect the businesses from possible theft and looting, especially when they are located in remote areas.

Religious and Spiritual Centers

Security is essential for religious centers, where people gather together in large groups. These centers also often house invaluable religious artifacts. Bullet resistant doors are an ideal way to provide security to these buildings.

Bulletproof & Bullet Resistant Doors From Bullet Guard

Bulletproof and bullet resistant doors are a crucial means to offer additional safety to any building. At Bullet Guard, we offer bullet resistant doors that are available in various levels of protection, so you can easily find something that suits your needs.

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