What Are Bandit Barriers?

Bandit barriers are manufactured using clear, bullet-resistant materials that enhance or add to the security infrastructure of a building. It physically separates the area in front of a counter to provide a secure space for protecting employees and other valuables. Bandit barriers are commonly used in banks, convenience stores, and other places with transaction window counters that require ballistic protection services.

Various materials are used in the manufacturing of bandit barriers that range in protection levels against multiple kinds of attacks. Bullet Guard provides bandit barriers catered to the level of protection needed in your facility. Customers don’t always need top of the line protection systems; therefore, we offer lower-level protection systems to give you peace of mind at a lower cost.

Bandit Barrier Advantages & Benefits

Including bandit barriers into your infrastructure offers many advantages, including:

  • Deter robberies. The statistics show that banks with bandit barriers see fewer robberies. According to statistics from the FBI, bank robberies accounted for 2.1% of all robberies in the U.S. a decade ago. Today, they account for 1.8%, and there is a lower average value in bank robberies. 
  • Reduce the need for armed guards. Armed guards can create a more hostile environment and can unnecessarily escalate a situation. Bandit barriers are much less intimidating for non-threats but just as effective for real threats. Using bandit barriers saves you money in the long run when compared to hiring armed guards.
  • Creates a safer environment that increases productivity. Employees who do not have the added stress and anxiety of worrying about their safety at work will be more productive. The protective physical barrier from the unpredictable public adds a sense of security to employees working on the front line. 
  • Protects assets and lives. Bandit barriers not only protect the lives of employees, they also protect physical assets such as cash, jewelry, or guns.

Understanding all threats involved with your business will help determine a protection plan that is best for you and your business’s needs.

Bandit Barrier & Transaction Window Applications

While bandit barriers are most common for bank windows, they are also used in other transaction window applications, including:

  • Government Facilities 
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Jails
  • Police Departments
  • Retail (such as jewelry stores, gun shops, and convenience stores)

When installing bandit barriers, it is important to consider the entire space and its unique needs for the highest level of protection. Considering the layout of the space is essential, but you must also account for surrounding areas that could cause the barrier to be less effective. For customer-facing security, the installation of operable bullet-resistant windows is a must. However, bullet-resistant doors, counters, and back glazing on exterior windows are needed for an effective protection system. 

Contact Bullet Guard for Custom-Made Bandit Barriers Today

Bullet Guard works with many businesses to analyze their threat level. After an initial site visit, we will manufacture bandit barriers that suit your specific needs. All pieces are built in our facility and installed on-site to ensure a proper fit. Contact the team at Bullet Guard to find the best bandit glass solution for you, and request a quote for your customized bulletproof bandit barriers today. 

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